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Your business must be seen, and Apex Signs & Print encompasses a wide assortment of tools to assist in communicating your message to clients. Our team can assist you with everything from custom signs & graphics to interior signs and everything in between. Each business is unique and will require a diverse approach. Our team will take the time to assess your needs and administer the products that will best assist you in marketing and promoting your business.


Exterior Signs

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3D Letter Signs

3D signs create a more realistic effect. Make your signage stand out from others. Billboards are targeted to a larger audience. Everyday cars are coming and going, passing many billboards.
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Blade Signs

Protruding from the building, your business will attract more clientele with blade signs. They are designed to stand out and are double-sided; no matter which direction your clients are approaching the building, they are guaranteed to see your business.
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Box Signs

One stop shop for your signage needs, no individual lettering or parts needed. This is one of the most cost effective ways to display your business.
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Building Signs

Signs located in and outside your business play an essential role in portraying your business.
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Business Signs

If you are a business owner, then business signage is one way to market your services. They are your business’ brand. This type of signage offers communication between your business and clients.
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Channel Letter Signs

This type of signage is where each individual letter is created uniquely and separately. Once completed, the 3D letters are placed together on your business building to create words/phrases.
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Digital Signs

Digital signs make it easy for business owners to change or update a message on their signage within seconds. Everything is electronic-the future of signs is here!
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Dimensional Letter Signs

This type of signage comes in two types: raised or flushed. Dimensional letters are more in depth and are fixed individually on your business.
bus stop fashion advertising billboard on the street 3d rendering

Exterior Signs

Exterior signs are one of the first things that your client sees when approaching your building. It is important to market your brand/business and ensure that your business establishment is easy to find. Help looking for your business establishment easier by putting your brand outside your building.
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Illuminated Signs

Is your business open after sunset? Help your clients locate your business even at nighttime! With the use of our illuminated signs, your business sign will light up.
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Metal/Aluminum Signs

With the use of UV ink, metal signs are known to be long-lasting, no matter where they are placed or what the weather is. Indoor/outdoor, rain or shine, these signs are made to last.
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Monument Signs

This type of signage is ground level that indicates the name of your business to passerbyers. Placed outside, this is essential in consumers locating your business amongst the others.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Usa - July 20, 2011: McDonald Fast Food Restaurant sign and Gulf Oil gasoline retailer sign on the road. McDonald is the largest world chain for hamburger and fast food.

Pylon Signs

This type of signage is above ground level, higher up to where your business name sign on a pylon can be seen from a longer distance, before one approaches the business. This is most effective if your business is located in a crowded location.
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Real Estate Signs

This type of signage helps real estate agents sell/advertise a property. It also aids a buyer in knowing that a property is for sale along with other relevant information. Real estate signs are a marketing tool that attract buyers/renters/leasers.

70% off sales promotion on retail shop display window. Black Friday, Clearance, Mega sale

Storefront Signs

This is the first thing that someone will see when it comes to your business. They are located at the very front of your business establishment. Storefront signs are eye-catching signs that attract clients.
traffic sign of regulatory for warming on road, safety street sign, vector set

Traffic, Regulatory, and Street Signs

Made from any material that is required, from metal to vinyl, we can assist in creating official traffic and regulatory signs that meet local and state requirements. This type of signage is seen on the street by everyone so it is important that you let our specialists create the best one possible.
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Yard Signs

Yard signs are marketing tools placed right outside your lawn. They advertise many things such as election candidates, business promotions, real estate needs, school programs, and more!

Interior Signs

Light box of public restroom sign on the top of the entrance.

Restroom Signs

It is imperative that everyone can easily locate the restrooms in your business establishment. With restroom signs, clients and staff can easily find and use the restroom – signs make it very efficient.
exterior and interior signage. directional, pole, and traffic signage system design template set. empty space for logo, text gold and black corporate identity

Directory and Wayfinding Signs

Directory and wayfinding signs come in handy when you have a big business establishment. Help your clients easily find and get to where they are going in your business building. This is essential for large, multi-story buildings.
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Trade Show Display Signs

With the use of our trade show display signs, it will be as if you never left your business storefront. Trade shows help market your business in a large setting.
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Wedding/Event Signs

We can custom make any type of signage that you will be requiring for your wedding or other event. We can make any event sign from mirror/acrylic guest seating chart to reserved signs, to individual seating name tags to ceremony signs.


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A-Frame/Sandwich Signs

A great way to advertise your business in the walk-way.
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Acrylic Signs

Transparent, see-through, plastic-like signs that can be customized to fit your needs and help promote your services. Acrylic signs are versatile and can be used for any type of business establishment. The different types of acrylic signs are standard print, light-up, individual cut, subsurface print, clear, and frosted.
Public restroom sign with ADA symbol.

ADA Signs

It is important that your business is ADA compliant. Specific guidelines need to be followed in order to ensure the safety and accessibility of all types of clients and employees. With the proper usage of ADA signs, you are able to avoid fees, fines, penalties, and liabilities. Different types of ADA signs include wayfinding, parking, restroom, and braille.
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Custom Signs

You design, we create! Whatever your signage needs are, we can make your vision a reality. We are able to custom make any type of sign that you are needing.
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Door Signs

Door signs help create long-lasting impressions on your business clients. Door signs help locate your establishment and give details on what services you offer, all while giving your business a unique aesthetic. The different types of door signs are vinyl, plaques, nameplates, and hanging.
Set of triangle yellow warning sign hazard dander attention symbols chemical flammable security radiation caution icon vector illustration

Environmental Graphic Signs

This type of signage creates a more aesthetic appeal to your business. They uplift the experience of your clients and boost your products/services.
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Hanging Signs

This type of signage is placed in high areas, above a person’s eye level. They are made to stand out and portray necessary, important information.
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Interior Signs

Interior signs aid in aesthetic, marketing of specific services, wayfinding, and more!
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LED & Neon Signs

LED and neon signs stand out the most due to their bright and intense color. It increases better interaction between the business and clients. They are also aesthetically pleasing.
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Lobby & Reception Signs

Lobby signs are a unique way of providing a visual of what your business is. It grabs the attention of clients and is the first thing clients see when they walk in.
Mexican food two side vertical menu template with hand drawn elements. Vector illustration in sketch style

Menu Signs/Boards

Display what food and beverages your food chain is offering. Multiple options are available from high quality physical copies, to wall menu, to QR code.
Ministry of

Office Signs

Need signage posted around your office to help clients and employees find their way? Office signs help portray important information and identification. Any sign that your office needs, we can provide.


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Car Magnet Signs

Change vehicles often? Looking for a more affordable option other than vinyl wrap? Car magnetic signs are a convenient way to advertise your business on your car. With a magnetic backing, your business name, logo, and phone number are all advertised.
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Car Wraps

Boost your brand or business by wrapping your car. With the use of our high quality vinyl wrap, we are able to custom make you your business advertisement right on your vehicle. While making your daily commute, other cars around you will be exposed to the services/products you offer. Increase visibility and profit with the use of this marketing tool.
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Floor/Pavement Graphic Signs

A temporary wayfinding solution that assists clients in finding their way. Floor graphics can also serve as promotional tools for limited time products or specials. While most signs are at or above a person’s eye level, floor graphics will stand out by being on the ground, below a person’s eye level.
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Commercial Van Wraps

Boost your brand or business by wrapping your car. With the use of our high quality vinyl wrap, we are able to custom make you your business advertisement right on your vehicle. While making your commute, other cars around you will be exposed to the services/products you offer. Increase visibility and profit with the use of this marketing tool.
Floor Decal


Any custom size vinyl that can be posted in any location: floor, wall, car, ceiling, etc. Print is transferred over from film to the surface.
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Fleet Wraps

Have multiple vehicles that are used for your business? Wrap them all the same to advertise your brand. Make your fleet stand out from the rest.

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Truck Wraps

With the amount of trucks present on the roads in today’s time and age, it is imperative that your truck stands out with the use of our high quality vinyl wrap. You are able to market your business on the truck that is utilized for your business. You use your truck on a daily basis so why not advertise your business while in transit?
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Vinyl Signs

Custom printed vinyl is a versatile manner to fit all your business needs. They can be applied to different areas of your business such as vehicles, glass windows, floor, wall, ceilings, existing signage, etc.
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Vinyl Window Graphics

Window graphics are a great way to market the services and specials that your business offers. They are seen by everyone who passes by your business establishment. The durable vinyl used for the window graphic will not damage your glass window. This can also filter out sunlight in the form of tint.
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Vinyl Dance Floor Wraps

Have an event coming up? Let our team create you a custom dance floor wrap for you. Work with our specialists in making your special day memorable.

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Vehicle Wraps

Here at Apex Signs & Print, we can custom wrap any type of vehicle for you.

Custom Prints


Custom Print

Printer at home broken? Don’t own a printer? Ran out of paper or ink? That’s ok! We are able to print anything that you are requiring such as letters, forms, emails, tax documents, legal documents, and more!
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Banners are an effective marketing tool that aid viewers on what you are offering. They bring more attention to your business. Banners are dramatic and eye-catching. Banners can indicate specials such as grand openings, sales/discounts, services offered, and more! They help bring more awareness to your brand and help display quick but important information on your business.
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Need to spread the word about your business, event, or educational topic? Brochures are cost effective and can be mass distributed easily to portray any message than your business is needing to get across. With brochures being more information dense than flyers, you have the opportunity to include details about your business establishment and what message you are trying to portray.
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Business Cards

A temporary wayfinding solution that assists clients in finding their way. Floor graphics can also serve as promotional tools for limited time products or specials. While most signs are at or above a person’s eye level, floor graphics will stand out by being on the ground, below a person’s eye level.
Vintage wedding invitation. EPS 10. Nicely grouped and layered.

Digital Invitation Cards/E-Invite

Boost your brand or Planning an event or gathering? Our graphic designers will custom make you your dream invite card through our sustainability electronic invitations. With just one click of the finger, you can easily send invitations to guests in lieu of traditional, physical invitation cards.
Basketball tournament poster template with ball and place for your photo - vector illustration


Need to spread the word about your business or event? Flyer signs are cost effective and can be mass distributed to portray any message that your business is needing to get across.
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Custom made and unique logos are a special way for your business to stand out. Logos are your brand and the face of your business. Our graphic designers can assist you in creating the best logo possible for your brand.
Supermarket Vegetables for Poster template. Health, Healthy Eating, Vegetables, carrot, brocolli, Farm Fresh, Eat well


Poster signs are an effective and low-cost way of communicating a message on mass display. With our expert graphic designers, we can design and print a high quality poster that is visually appealing and immediately catches the attention of anyone who passes by it.
Realistic white price tags collection. Special offer or shopping discount label. Retail paper sticker. Promotional sale badge. Vector illustration eps 10

Promotional Products

We are able to design and produce any promotional products. Examples include swag bags, pens, koozies, tumblers, etc. Promote your business even after your client leaves the building or event.
Material safety data sheet Information for hazardous materials.

Sign Sheets

Help keep track of your business needs.
Cool trendy retro stickers with faces, cartoon comic label patches. Funky, hipster retrowave stickers in geometric shapes. Vector illustration of y2k , 90s graphic design badges.


Need a custom sticker? We can design any type of sticker to fit your needs. Need labels for your business? We can design and print any type of label.
TShirt Print Heat Press. Custom T Shirt Printing Machine

Shirts and Embroidery

Here at Apex Signs & Print, we are able to custom make you any type of shirt. Whether it be for business or pleasure, we can ensure that your shirt stands out from the others. Corporate apparel with your logo and slogan helps maintain a uniform in your business setting.

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